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     A lot of you have been asking about that demo of BURN I released a while back for April Fools, so I’m here to clear up any confusion. 

     -Yes, that demo was a joke and is not meant to be taken seriously,  but the game itself is very very real! I just don’t have an actual demo out yet. The game as it is now has about 1 hour of solid gameplay that’s finished, but I still have a lot of work to do. Making a game takes longer than I thought it would and this is my first real project with RPG maker! 

     -Secondly, I’ve made a few other small RPG maker games in the time I’ve been working on BURN to practice and get better. None of these have or will be made public. I want BURN to be the best I can possibly make it, so I’m not rushing the project at all, nope!

     -And last of all, do you guys want a real demo of BURN? I wasn’t planning on releasing one until the final game was finished, but if you all do want to give it a try then I could cook up a demo and put it up here sometime! 

     Hey everybody, school’s over so shit around here is gonna get going again! Here’s a preview of the finale to Zone 2 before it’s restored and we move onto BURN’s release! 

Some of you actually fell for my prank this year. 

Let this be my reply to everybody that messaged me about that. 

And do you know what we do to traitors here? We exterminate them like the filth they are. 

Why don’t you all stick around for my grand finale to this Anon’s Magic?



Alright everybody, here it is! BURN is fully fleshed out and ready to go.

After receiving a nasty little threat from the still destroyed Zone 3, Batter and co. have to brave the eerily quiet factory. Are they alone? Of course not. Find whoever’s been creeping around and try not to get everybody killed. 

There are fifteen endings total, so be very, very careful of what you do and decide!

[[ This was an april fools prank and is not the actual game. Please keep that in mind. Thank you! ]]

I don’t mind them much.

Oh my god I never finished the King Batter magic anon, did I?




Cats with shades really get my frikken rocks off. 

Thank you, Felix. 

I’m not that into celebrations of any sort, but this holiday is just too endearing to ignore.

Happy valentines day, everybody. 

Its going to be a touch cold where we’re going. Might I suggest you wear a scarf, puppeteer?”

Alright, so the game now has an official name. BURN. Like I said before in the small announcement about the game, instead of me just telling you all what’s going to happen when the team tries to explore the long abandoned Zone 3, you get to play through it! 

Some features of the game are:

-Every single character featured in the picture above has their own story path and ending! Some even have multiple endings.

-Playing as you, The puppeteer (who will be a vague silhouette with a scarf) in certain parts. 

-Areas where you can interact with the characters (Effects your ending).

-Talksprites in these areas!

-Switching between two teams (One led by The Batter, and one by Dedan).

-Tons of secrets and collectables.


-Senpai ghost. 

That’s all I can really say since I don’t want to spoil any surprises. As you can tell, its gonna be a pretty big project! If you have any suggestions or ideas or anything you’d want to see in the game, tag it as BURN (Game) for me. Thank you very much! 

Also, this blog recently reached 400 followers, which is really awesome! I’ll be having a giveaway soon that ties in with the game, so be on the lookout for that. <3